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Post by FSCarver on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:48 pm


Teleporting to a player:
/tp <player>

Teleporting a player to you or someone else:
/tp <player 1> <to player 2>

Checking block changes in an area:
/lb area <radius>

Checking the block changes of a player:
/lb player <player>

Checking the block changes of a player in a certain world:
/lb world <world> player <player?

Rolling back an area:
/lb rollback area <radius> since <time 1m/1h/1d ect>

Rolling back a player/TNT/Lava/Fire/Water/Creepers/Ghast/Explosion:
/lb rollback player <Player> since <time 1m/1h/1d ect>

World Edit command list:

Become invisible:

Freeze a player:
/freeze <player>

Unfreeze a player:
/unfreeze <player>

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