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MerpCom News 7/28 Empty MerpCom News 7/28

Post by Hafiz on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:59 pm

We updated the forums a bit. Heres a small list on whats new.

Topics of the day:

-Merpcraft discussion where merpcraft user input is needed

-Added a list of all the current worlds that are loaded:

-Added a partial list of commands:

Forum updates:

-Sub forums are now in ABC order, but Categories will remain the same.

-Movies and TV joined together in one topic. - Both were going to be underpopulated with topics and no need to separate two types of Digital visual media on a semi-small forum.

-Some descriptions tweaked or changed.

-"Other Games" has been added to the games list - you can discuss whatever game you want there.

-Your Creations list added to MC

-Tech will be moved or deleted. Gonna get opinions on this.
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